• October 29, 2018
    5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
  • Did you know that you process around 34 GBs of data a day?
  • How is your brain coping?
  • Have you noticed memory let-downs? Times when it was impossible to ‘think’?
  • Daily, even the smartest of organisations close their doors with mentally exhausted employees leaving emails unanswered, return calls unmade and To Do lists incomplete.

Brain overload is real.
Why is this happening?
The brightest minds are suffering, too; for clarity of thought, short-term and working memory skills
need sufficient cognitive reserve to generate creative solutions.
We’ll share with you how memory works, how to avoid the effects of brain overload and how to
create memory habits for optimal thinking.
You’ll learn the three-step process for effective recall.
You’ll try strategies for remembering names, creating memory traces for important information and
checking out your own skills in an interactive way.


Presenter: Gillian Eadie of Memory Foundation Ltd. MEd, BA, LTCL, Churchill Fellow, Hon. Fellow
NZITP. A noted educator, Gillian brings a wealth of experience to this practical presentation. She has
co-authored 10 books on memory with her sister and researcher, Dr Allison Lamont. 2018, SheEOWorld Venture

Time: 5.30pm nibbles & networking for a 6pm start

Early bird tickets: $15 – limited quantities!

Standard tickets: $20


55 Wellesley Street East, AUckland CBD, Auckland, 1010, New Zealand