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Our Committee Members

As President, Ed works with the whole team to ensure our organisation is run smoothly – getting things done is his modus operandi. He was elected as President in June 2016 following his role as Vice President.

Ed initially joined the committee in June 2015 where he started in the Sponsorship role, which he is still active in. He works with our commercial partners to ensure that we both receive value from our partnership, a successful approach that has driven immense growth in recent years.

Outside of AYP, Ed is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Hatch Web and Design, helping business owners transition their businesses to be truly digital.

Arthur brings to his role as Vice President effective administrative duties that support our whole team.

Since joining the team initially in June 2015 in a General role, Arthur has also helped out greatly with events. He set up our netball team and annual quiz night –both huge successes. He’s an approachable guy who’s usually one of the first to greet people at events.

Arthur is an In-House Solicitor at Dorchester Finance Limited.

Andrea is our Secretary who ensures that meetings are effectively organised and minuted, maintaining good records for us.

Andrea joined in late 2015 as a part of the first cohort of AYP Associates. As an Associate, she connected us with nationally known economist, Shamubeel Eaqub, resulting in a successful and engaging guest speaker event on the housing crisis that enlightened members on the impact it has had on ‘generation rent’. In February 2016 she joined the Committee in a General capacity where she helped plan our projects and assisted in the events space.

Andrea is a Strategy and Planning Analyst at Sovereign.

Our Treasurer, Michael manages our financial administration to ensure we have the finances to carry out any ideas we might have – nothing gets past him if it’s money-related.

Since joining the team in June 2016, Michael has provided financial guidance by looking at our current position along with possibilities for the future and drawing our attention to tax implications, potential risks and opportunities. This advice has been an asset as it ensures we can benefit our members while staying financially afloat.

Michael is an Account Manager for chartered accounting firm Q2, where he works with clients to help them achieve their business goals.

DEREK RENNIEDigital Manager
As our Digital Manager, Derek heads our technology platforms, the largest being our website.

Derek joined the team in July 2016, and since then he completely rebuilt our website on a new platform as a part of our re-brand and website overhaul. In addition to making sure our members have a smooth experience interacting with our digital systems, he also handles any necessary additions or upgrades.

By day, Derek works as a Sprint Lead & Solution Designer within Finance at the Bank of New Zealand.

LUKE CHIVERSPublic Relations Manager
As our Public Relations Manager, Luke leads our various media relations to build meaningful relationships with our stakeholders.

After joining the team in June 2016, Luke has also worked towards AYP being known as a voice in Auckland’s media landscape on behalf of young professionals. He sees there’s an intriguing story to be told with Auckland’s need for future leaders and diverse economic environment.

Luke is the New Zealand PR Consultant for MYOB whereby he manages media relations, strategic communications and stakeholder engagement, on top of handling central government affairs.

BRI THOMSSocial Media Manager
As our new Social Media Manager, Brianna coordinates our social media platforms.

She is excited to be undertaking the challenge of designing and implementing social media strategies to align with AYP’s goals. Brianna is looking forward to creating interesting content and connecting with other AYP members through social media.

Brianna works at Northern Regional Alliance as an Allocation and Training Specialist for sub-specialties such as Medicine, Psychiatry, Pathology, Radiation Oncology and Public Health. In her role, Brianna manages the training needs of registrars in the Auckland region.

Our Events Manager, Oliver organises all the details of our events from conception through to execution. He plots out our various events to make sure our members get a wide variety of networking and professional development opportunities. He also organises our social sport teams.

Oliver joined the Committee in June 2016, and is looking forward to broadening the range of experiences that we offer. As an Aussie expat he understands the value of having a place to “network” in a local community.

Oliver is a Product Manager at HSBC in the transactional banking department, where he looks after the end-to-end product delivery and commercialisation for internationally-minded NZ businesses.

Felicity is our Community Manager who takes the lead on any community investment initiatives we make.

Felicity joined in July 2016, and since then has led the Community Investment Programme, which aims to empower young professionals to contribute their skills back to their communities. She also helps out wherever her skills are needed.

Over and above her contribution to AYP, Felicity is a Doctor and a Public Health Registrar with the New Zealand College of Public Health Medicine. As part of her training, she’s completing a Masters in Public Health. She’s also a personal trainer and group fitness instructor – one organised lady to fit everything in!

AYLA TRANTERSocial Events Manager
Originally from Christchurch Ayla is our new Social Events Manger, she values the welcoming environment and opportunity that AYP offers new and existing members to network and share ideas.

Ayla is determined to craft events to the high caliber that has been demonstrated in previous years however is also passionate about bringing fresh ideas to broaden the range of experiences that we can offer our members.

Ayla works in Human Resources at Northern Regional Alliance, where she takes care of the allocation and training needs for a number of registrars within the Auckland region.

Our Advisory Board

Adel originally started on the Committee in June 2012 as Secretary. She then moved onto the Vice President role a year later, before becoming an Advisory member in February 2015.

When Adel joined the Committee, Auckland Young Professionals was only holding a few events a year with barely any members. She was one of the driving forces that helped get it off the ground again by creating a steady stream of events. She also implemented the multi-channel promotion strategy that we now use.

Adel works for Collection House as a Client Performance and Insight Specialist.

Andrew is our longest standing member who rotated within five different roles on the committee before transitioning into Advisory. His previous roles include Treasurer, Sectary, Social Media/Community Manager, Vice President and President.

Since joining in June 2008, Andrew has seen AYP transition through many stages – particularly the growth of members. As the Social Media/Community Manager, he helped build the Facebook page from around 700 likes to more than 5,000 – one of our biggest promotional platforms today.

For his day job, Andrew is the Social Media Ambassador/Assistant Manager for Business Banking for ANZ Bank.

Our Supporters

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