Volunteering Auckland and AYP

We have officially launched our CIP event and the highlights from our panel event held at Ora HQ will form the basis of our first blog posts. Caroline Wearn, from our partner organisation Volunteering Auckland started us off with setting the scene of volunteering in NZ and in Auckland. The number of volunteers is increasing, [...]

Volunteering Auckland and AYP2017-03-25T23:19:38+13:00

Our Rebranding Journey

Auckland Young Professionals (AYP) first launched in 2008 by a group of motivated and bright young professionals who recognised the need for a networking group that connected all industries and levels of experience. It was a chance to educate and develop young professionals in Auckland, but also a place to socialise and have fun! Since [...]

Our Rebranding Journey2017-03-25T23:19:38+13:00

Auckland Millennials Set Out To Find The City’s Future Leaders

Auckland Young Professionals (AYP) networking group is changing tack in an effort to attract the city’s upcoming leaders and decision makers. President Edward McKnight says the group will become a leading platform for New Zealand young professionals to share their views on national matters. “It’s important to encourage fresh thinking among the next generation of [...]

Auckland Millennials Set Out To Find The City’s Future Leaders2016-12-17T18:52:45+13:00